Using The Art Of "Serialized" Storytelling To Connect, Persuade & Influence

Autoresponder Madness is Andre's original product. It was originally released in 2009 to a small group of of marketers.

ARM became an instant success because the marketing gurus (Ryan Deiss, Rich Schefren, Justin Brooke, James Schramko… to name a few) were astonished to see and learn what Andre was doing!

Autoresponder Madness has turned "wanna-be" marketers into extremely successful entrepreneurs.

By implementing what you learn in the course you as many others can turn losing campaigns into WINNERS!

That's the beauty about email marketing. It's here to stay!

This is what you're going to get in the “core training”:

And that's not everything...

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An Autoresponder Madness BONUS

Learn How To Get Your Emails Delivered To The Inbox 100% Of The Time.

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I've created Autoresponder Inbox to compliment Autoresponder Madness.

It's a 50+ page product that I've created from scratch. It's not for sale elsewhere and hasn't ever been seen before.

The problem most marketers face is getting their email delivered to their prospect's INBOX.

This problem means that their prospect may never see their email as it's gone into the spam, promotion, or updates folder - instead of the INBOX.

Not only that, there's another problem of spammers stealing your email to send spam messages.

In Autoresponder Inbox I address these issues. I even show you how to setup your Autoresponder to be able to deal with these issues.

It's all laid out visually in a full comprehensive guide and I've tried to make the technical stuff as simple as possible for you to follow and implement.

Stop the spammers, don't get blacklisted, keep your email safe.

I also show best practices to get your email delivered in to your prospect's INBOX even when using an autoresponder (AWeber, etc)

Not only that but I also show you how to use the best subject lines to increase open rates and engagement.

  • Have Your Emails Delivered To The Inbox
  • Prevent Spammers & Hackers Stealing Your Email Address
  • Email Best Practises To Get Inboxed
  • Autoresponder Integration To Prevent Blacklisting
  • Subject Lines That Will Increase Open Rates And Engagement
  • Avoid Being Marked As Spam And What To Do To Prevent It
  • Setting Up DNS, SPF, DKIM & DMARC Made As Simple As Possible

Autoresponder Madness teaches HOW to do email marketing - Autoresponder INBOX teaches you how to get your email delivered, keep it safe, prevent hackers and go straight into the INBOX.

If I was to sell this guide I would price it at least $97.

The information inside will easily earn that back in just one email promotion.

But I'm giving it to you for free to compliment what's missing from Autoresponder Madness.


Email will NEVER be dead, you just have to adapt to the times.

It's not 1999 anymore – people require more than a “promotion”. You can't just send out an email promoting stuff. That's the fastest way to the marketing graveyard!

No, it's a different animal now. And that's where Autoresponder Madness comes in!

See the chart above…

This is what's possible with regular email marketing.

Now what about when you put a “twist” on it?

We're looking at ROI's of over $100+ (from what you'll learn in Autoresponder Madness).

Can see why you NEED to implement great email marketing in your business?

There's tons of email marketing products available, that's true! But nothing comes close to what you'll learn in Autoresponder Madness. Guaranteed.

Since 2009 Andre has released several new revisions. And he's always given free updates for his members to the latest version.

It's the best email marketing product there is to teach you how to "make a connection", "build trust" and "get your subscriber WANTING to hear from you".

Autoresponder Madness is an investment in your online business.

Have you heard about Soap Opera Sequences (SOS)?

I discuss this with you when you sign up 🙂

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An Autoresponder Madness BONUS

Learn How To Get Your Emails Delivered To The Inbox 100% Of The Time.

See How This Can Increase Your Email Engaement By 358%. More Opens & More Results!

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