What makes people actually pull out their card and make a purchase?

Let me start by saying there's three essential emotions we need to address.

These are the three common factors that influence people when making a purchase.

Then there's what I call the 2P's.

If you have a product that fulfills a big enough problem or passion then you're on the right track.

But there's another element… and it's a biggie!


Yeah, it's a BIGGIE!

We've all experienced trust issues… just ask your partner ūüėČ haha!

But we're not talking about personal issues here.

We're talking about whether or not a visitor is willing to trust what you're saying  or advising.

Unfortunately, 99% of the time – they're NOT going to.

So what can you do to get them to trust you?

Offer them a carrot!! ūüôā

It's not a literal carrot.

What I mean is an incentive to make the initial connection.

The “first move” so to speak.

The carrot is an offering.

Usually in exchange for their name and email address (often just their email address).

I've included three different examples below:

Carrot #1: Free eBook

The carrot is the free eBook.

It's relevant, they will want to know the 10 best makeup and beauty tips.

The free eBook trick is NOT to give EVERYTHING away.

Always hold something back – the “BIG” secret.

This way you're giving them something they can use. They have something they can takeaway and implement – get results.

It's a great trust builder. 

If your freebie helps them then they will be inclined to listen to what you have to say.

Carrot #2: The Discount

This works especially well for online “shops” rather than digital products.

In the example above we're offering a juicy discount but with the element of urgency.

Urgency is one of the best motivators to push your prospect to make a purchase.

In the above example you're giving them a 20% discount to make a purchase within 30 minutes.

This can lead directly to the checkout with the code applied – OR could lead to an optin.

It depends if you only want to capture “customers” or leads and customers.

When it comes to your own online shop then it's easy enough to capture both – and move “prospects” from the leads list to the customer list easily enough via list automation.

Carrot #3: Newsletter

To be honest, this is probably the least enticing.

Unless you've already got “authority” and people know about you and your products.

And they WANT to hear from you already – then there's not much to entice them.

So be careful where you use this method.

It would work better if you told them a little more of what they're going to get – or at minimum, make it sound more “exciting”.

Maybe it could have said:

Signup to get the latest cutting edge business news. Special insider informed analysis and expert opinions to grow your business.

At least give them a reason to sign-up to the list. Always remember; people always want to know “what's in it for them”.

So unless you give them reasons to sign up, they're just gonna move on.

NWD's + 2P's + TRUST = Ka-ching!

Let's face it. People DON'T want to spend their money.

But if the NWD's + 2P's + TRUST are all there. Ka-ching!

You only need one (1) factor from each need to be present. 

But you must ALWAYS have trust.

Back to the carrot (as digital marketers we almost always use Carrot #1).

Offer them something that will help them. ie…

Then once they've opted in for your freebie (because it's free).

You then work with them via email – to build trust.

But as you already know from above trust isn't an easy thing to build.

It takes time. It takes effort. It's a process.

And this is where¬†Autoresponder Madness¬†comes in…

Within Autoresponder Madness you learn how to create and establish “relationships” with your prospects.

You learn how to connect with them on a meaningful level.

And believe me, these methods work at building trust than sending out a run-of-the-mill email!

You'll learn to build (and master) the most important factor – trust building.

And by the end of the program you'll know exactly how to make connections and build trust with your prospects.

You're guaranteed to see your sales/calls/responses increase.

Not only that, whenever you send out an email your prospects are going to WANT to open your emails.

So even if you're promoting another product (after your initial promotion) – you already have them hooked.

Can you see where I'm going here?

Obtain the lead once, build trust, make sales… and make repeat sales.

Now all of a sudden your one lead that may have been almost worthless – has now become a very valuable asset!

Until next time…

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