Have you ever watched a “soap” on telly?

Do I hear you say – “Hell No!!” ?

How about something like Breaking Bad then?

Any series utilizes this method to keep the viewer engaged and wanting more.

Before Autoresponder Madness I didn't even realize it existed.

I didn't realize how the big TV networks were keeping us glued for the next episode.

Then when I got a copy of ARM it hit me!

Andre talks about Soap-Opera-Sequences and how to use them to keep your audience engaged.

Hook them, reel them in, then get them to take the action you want.

The principle is simple…

Create the hook – address any one of NWD's they're looking for.
(remember from the last installment – NWD = Needs, Wants, Desires).

Then you can start building trust by telling a story – like a soap.

Hence the terminology “Soap Opera Sequence” (aka: SOS).

SOS - How To Do It:

OK, so you've given the carrot (they've subscribed to your list).

They've got the carrot – but the “carrot” doesn't give them them the full answer/solution.

After all – it's a carrot, not a full meal 🙂
(remember; the carrot is a freebie that you've given them in exchange
for their email).

The HOOK is the introduction, who you are, what you've got for them
and why they should listen to you.

Keep it short and to the point – don't give away you life story…
Not yet anyway.

I'll discuss “The Hook” in a later installment.

For now I want to focus on the actual SOS.

The SOS “should” (but not limited to) tell a story (again, storytelling
is coming in a later email).

So let's say your prospect is suffering from severe back pain…

Or they want to lose weight…

– You'll introduce yourself, give a brief background of who you are.

– How you've been struggling with this problem for X number of years.

– But remember – don't talk too much about yourself. 

At the end of the day nobody really cares who you are – sorry to burst your bubble 🙂

So you have to bring them in to the story (again, more in the storytelling installment).

It's the struggle they're interested in, and how they relate to it.

So what we're doing here is tying your prospect in to your story and kinda making your story their story.

This will help build a connection, they can relate to your struggle.

And it all ties together in building trust! (the most important factor).


– You've got your story.

– You've written about your struggle.

– You've related your story to them.


It's a long-ass story!

This is where you introduce the SOS.

The SOS is your full blow story divided in to sections/chapters.

Easy right?

Basically, what you do is; take your long-ass story…

And wherever there is a good part – a part that they'll want to know about… Something that's of interest…

You'll end that email.

You'll tell them it's to be continued tomorrow. The email is getting too long, or the dog is barking and you need to feed him.

But look out for the rest tomorrow.

Then in tomorrow's email you'll do exactly the same thing!

Don't use the same excuse every time – mix it up, make it original.

Maybe the dog ran away! Or the cat killed the dog… or your husband/wife has made dinner and shouting at you to go eat it.

I think you get the idea. 😉

Basically an SOS is telling a story that relates to them, but giving it in installments. With each installment ending on an interesting part (cliffhanger).

I'm going to cover creating “cliffhangers” later on.

But right now – digest what I've said. As it's only the TIP of the iceberg.

ARM teaches you how to do this properly. Like a pro – to capture your audience!

Think about it, who actually does this?

Even in this day and age – how many emails capture your attention?

How many do you actually want to open?

ARM teaches you how to  become a SOS master – and have your subscribers wanting to hear from you.

That's all for today! I hope you enjoyed this installment 😉

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