Tell a Powerful Story that Connects with Prospects & Wins Customers

Andre Chaperon & Michael Hauge have team up to create an incredible “workshop” that teaches you how to create story-powered marketing that will have your prospects begging for more!

If you don't know who Michael Hauge is; he's one of the Hollywood‘s top story creators and go-to guys. 

He's worked with a LOT of BIG movies stars and written/assisted on scripts for many blockbusters as you'll recognize below.

You'll learn how to create stories that create characters and use them to combine emotions in such a way that your audience "becomes emotionally invested".

Story Telling for Marketers isn't only for for email marketing.

You can use the techniques within any part of your funnel. Presell pages, sales pages, email marketing, optins, upsells, downsells and cross-promotions.

You'll learn how to create the MOST emotional impact with your prospects.

Emotion is the #1 driving force towards taking action.

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